traveller, fashion designer and sunkissed flower child based in Ibiza

Sabine and her partner Fank where traveling europe in the 80's when they fell in the love with the freedom and creative spirit of ibiza. They wanted to stay and they became very creative! tomtom Ibiza was founded in a small patio atelier and 2 seemstresses  to help with the production of the first dresses. All started to flourish with the first unique and sexy  black and white dresses, our famous short playsuits and some handmade bikinis that the couple sold on the famous hippie markets. A very special time for artists and creatives on the island and people came to visit Ibiza to see and glam of these times with their own eyes. Some of the artists of this time, like tomtom, kept the production on the island since then and share the same dream with the Stars and Hippies and bohemians,

This means that not only the dresses are inspired from our life here but are also made here.

Our clients see and feel that these dressed are unique and are indeed in its making and its hand dyed fabrics very special pieces that embody the island lifestyle to its fullest. 

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